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Natural Hazard Rescue Responsibility Confirmed by Shaanxi Government

Natural Hazard Rescue Contingency Plan, revised and printed by General office of Shaanxi provincial government, has confirmed specific duties in multiple chapters and sections to SHASM on provincial natural hazard emergency rescue work a few days ago.

Natural Hazard Rescue Contingency Plan divides into nine chapters including general principles, organization and command system and duties, disaster warning response, information report and publish, emergency response, post-disaster rescue and reconversion, safeguard measure, reward and responsibility investigation and supplementary provisions. Duties of SHASM during natural hazard rescue shall be "prepare geographic information and data of disaster area, organize emergency surveying and mapping such as live image collection in disaster area, develop disaster situation monitoring and spatial analysis and provide safeguard services for emergency surveying and mapping".

In recent years, SHASM has vigorously carried out emergency surveying and mapping guarantee capability building to provide emergency surveying and mapping achievement and technical services timely and efficiently, which plays important role in natural disaster events such as earthquake, debris flow, landslide and flood. Update and maintenance of "Shaanxi Emergency System Geographic Information Platform", update of emergency thematic atlas, production of emergency image and manoeuvre of emergency surveying and mapping has been efficiently carried out to provide safeguard service for taking precautions against natural calamities, reducing disaster and emergency disposal. SHASM has been awarded as "Advanced Unit of Emergency Management in Shaanxi Province" in 2016.

Up to now, Preliminary Design Report of Shaanxi Emergency 3-D Geographic Information Command System has been approved to put into effect and the latest emergency maps and drawings have provided to related departments of Shaanxi and Xi'an government. For the next step, SHASM will optimize emergency ranks structure, improve emergency facility and talent construction, perform duties of emergency disposal and comprehensive natural hazard protection and reduction.


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