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"Clear Eyes and Extendable Ears" Added to Migration Relocation (Poverty Alleviation) in Wuqi County

With unceasing transformation and utilization of scientific and technological achievements, myths and legends such as " a thousand miles seeing eyes" and "favorable wind hearing ears" has become reality more and more at work and in life.

Migration Relocation Information Management System, researched and developed together by Wuqi migration relocation office and SHASM, has been put into use on Wuqi migration relocation management a few days ago. This pioneering undertaking does not only improve work efficiency markedly, but also save a lot of all kinds of resources.

According to information, Wuqi Migration Relocation (Poverty Alleviation) Information Management System Platform uses 3S system (satellite remote sensing system, Global Position System and Geographic Information System) to collect, input and monitor on-site information of relocated unites and households, removal directions, household income, immovable properties (basic farmland, forest land and etc.), "Three Protocol", industry status and follow-up increment so as to build dynamic management system for the process of application, living access, poverty alleviation and project construction. This system has improved information management level for migration (poverty alleviation) relocation and aimed at accurate relocation, poverty alleviation and vacation from government-owned property with compensation.

Meanwhile, accurate management has been applied to migration (poverty alleviation) relocation project construction. The electronic information file, which fully shows migration (poverty alleviation) relocation process during the 13th Five Year Plan period, supports and carries forward resettlement work in Wuqi County, lifts work efficiency, assists scientific decision-making and directly shows relocation effect with abundant information means in order to realize relocated unit identification, verification, affirmation and scientization, intellectualization and precision of project construction management.

According to the introduction, this platform composes 1 operational command system, 5 core business systems and several auxiliary systems.

Operational command sub-system. As the core of geographic information and based on "Map World﹒Shaanxi" vector electronic map and electronic image map, this sub-system highly integrates information of relocated units, relocation sites and supporting industries in Wuqi County to realize dynamic management of relocated units and planning management of relocation sites in the view of macroscopic perspective, and inquiry management of relocated unites in detail and "Tree Protocols", construction situation of relocation sites and supporting industries and delicacy management of removal directions for relocated units and sites so as to apply information mediums to guarantee effective launch of resettlement work.

Mobile collection sub-system. Taken mobile phone as a carrier, GPS and camera function of mobile phone are applied to obtain location information and on-site image information of relocated units to further realize accurate identification of relocate units, fully carry out work procedure of " applied by household, appraised and discussed by group, declared by village, examined and approved by town and authorized by county" and responsibilities mechanism of "whoever investigates, signs and takes pictures should be responsible".

Project management sub-system. This sub-system is management system for project construction of relocated sites and supporting industries in Wuqi County. Aiming to fully implement of resettlement policy and promotion of management and service level of project construction, accurate management is adopted to full process of relocated sites and supporting industries to realize management for each phase of project planning and approval, project settlement, bidding procedure and contract, project schedule and project acceptance inspection. Data from project management sub-system are also important data source for operational command system.

Funds management sub-system. This sub-system can fully manage transfer and application of special funds, such as poverty alleviation funds and disaster avoiding funds. By means of accurate management to funds receipt, cost and information on operator and credit limit in detail, funds use-cost can be efficiently reduced and funds using risk can be protected. Beside, dynamic integration of funds transfer, project construction and compensation management for relocated units can guarantee accurate and effective usage of special funds in Wuqi County.

Cooperative office sub-system. In order to further improve resettlement work efficiency in this county, cooperative office sub-system is used to record and manage daily routine of migration management. On the one hand, this can optimize existing management organization structure, increase cooperative office capacity and strengthen consistency of decision making based on efficiency improvement so as to realize increase ability of decision effectiveness; on the other hand, this can help to further control project schedule in a strict way and ensure high performance of project construction through log management to project construction side.

Operation and maintenance sub-system. This sub-system is background supporting system for fully maintaining system users, data security and function privilege. It is foundation of safe and stable operation for the whole platform. It can be realized that different users have access right to their corresponding system access, functional operation and data access by grouping and managing access right of system function and basic data to different users. This can not only ensure data security of relocation in Wuqi, but also improve flexibility of the system.

Meanwhile, in order to fully propagandize migration relocation policy and its achievement, this management platform also sets home page which collects and releases migration policy, scientific knowledge propagation and relocation achievement so that the public can know relative information and work trend about migration relocation in Wuqi County. (Kang Yanchuang from County Party Committee Information and Publicity Section)


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