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Shaanxi Water Resources Census Atlas Finished Printing

Shaanxi Water Resources Census Atlas (hereinafter referred to as the Atlas), compiled by Shaanxi Provincial Department of Water Resources and Shaanxi Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation, has been finished printing recently and delivered to relevant operating departments for use in succession. The Atlas shows the first water resources census achievement of Shaanxi Province in a visualized and accurate way. Significance of the Atlas is for all sectors of society to know about overview of Shaanxi water resources and to assist government system in different levels to plan development and utilization of water resource.

In order to find development situation of water resources and improve ability to serve economic and social development by using water resources, the first provincial water census was finished and water resources background had been learned during three years according to the working requirement of first national water resources census deployed by the State Council. After water resources census bulletin was published, compiling work of Shaanxi Water Resources Census Atlas has started in no time.

Adopting by medium octavo design, the Atlas covers 11 prefecture-level cities (and districts) in Shaanxi Province with 79 project maps in all. With the help of digital mapping technique and technology, the water resources census, administrative boundary settlement, standard geographical names, the latest basic geographic information achievement and cartographic language such as symbols, line types and colors has been fully and flexibly applied during compiling work to show distribution and data statistics information of provincial stream structure and water conservancy facilities in a comprehensive, visualized and accurate way. The Atlas has scientific project classification, abundant geographic elements information, clear and balanced mapping load, which not only reflects regional difference of water conservancy facilities, but also gives expression to relationship among water conservancy variables, and mutual relation of water conservancy variables and regional geography variables.

As the first comprehensive literature that shows full view of water resources census achievement and development in Shaanxi Province, the Atlas concentrates historical data, intellectual information and practical applicability, and has a great value of commemoration, collection and utility, which provides important scientific basis to implement of new development concept and boost of "flexible water control" new thought.


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