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Acceptance of 1st National Geography Census by Experts

1st National Geography Census Acceptance Meeting of Shaanxi Province was held in Xi'an. Deputy director Chen Xiangyang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The relevant officials from provincial bureau and provincial census office attended the meeting.

At the acceptance meeting, Academician Wei Ziqing and other specialists of the acceptance team from Chang'an University, Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Department of Land and Resources of Shaanxi Province, Department of Environmental Protection of Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi Provincial Transport Department, Forestry Department of Shaanxi Province and Shaanxi Provincial Audit Office listened to census work, technical report, basic statistical report, achievement and quality report, and performance evaluation report, checked and approved relative information, and watched census demonstration system. After inquiring and discussing, the expert group agreed that the 1st National Geography Census work was fully finished according to each mission, achieved the target, and was approved to complete acceptance, which was with scientific management, rich achievement, comprehensive information, fine quality and remarkable effect.

Chen Xiangyang pointed out that the results and achievement of 1st national geography census, as service-oriented basic data, is important foundation of carrying out normalized geographical condition monitoring, serving economic and social development and planing and managing for multiple government sectors, and will provide to related government sectors for free according to the law. Chen raised requirement for the next step of work. Firstly, the results and achievement shall be published according to laws and regulations. After the acceptance of 1st national geography census, the relevant data shall be examined and approved by the People's Government of Shaanxi Province and Census Office of the State Council and shall be published to each governmental departments and society according to laws and regulations. Secondly, achievement value shall be further exploited. SHASM shall cooperate with related departments of the People's Government of Shaanxi Province and closely integrate the requirement of decision and management of government and related department to further exploit the application value from the results and achievement of 1st national geography census so as to actively promote application of the results and achievement in resource exploitation and utilization, ecological environmental protection, urban and rural overall development, coordinated development of regions, industrial distribution, space optimization, carrying out of major strategic and key project and emergency disposal. Thirdly, normalized monitoring shall be carried out. In accordance with the requirement of normalized monitoring of geographic condition by the State Council, SHASM, during "the thirteenth five-year plan" period, shall carry out normalized monitoring in Shaanxi Province based on the results and achievement and update the data annually to keep data freshness.

On the basis of related notification and requirement from the State Council and the People's Government of Shaanxi Province, 1st national geography census of Shaanxi has fully fulfilled the task with careful plan, impeccable system, high-efficiency management and capable implement. During the census work, technology system of census and monitoring has been constructed, high-efficiency technical process has been established and a series of tools and software of census production and inspection has been independently researched and developed with help of reasonable technology route, advanced methods and remarkable scientific and technological innovation. Meanwhile, surface nature (including land form, land cover, geographical conditions and etc.), current situation of human geography and space distribution state has been learned for the first time in Shaanxi Province; the first provincial geography condition data base has been established; basic census data statistics and calculating work has been carried out to form bulletins and basic statistical statement; and the first Shaanxi Province Water Resources Census Atlas has been compiled. In the light of " census, monitoring and applying at one time" principle, serial application demonstration and experimental unit of monitoring has bee carried out according to "comprehensive one standard", such as audit of assets for leaders after they leave the post, urbanization process monitoring and ecological environment monitoring so as to form a batch of valuable monitoring and application demonstration achievements. The census results and achievements will provide important evidence and guarantee to master geographical condition, make policy for economic and social development and promote surveying and mapping undertaking transformation and upgrading in a systematic, overall, objective and accurate way.


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