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Shaanxi Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (SHASM) is under guidance of State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping(SBSM)and the people's government of Shaanxi province. SBSM has the priority administrative authority. SHASM has the following responsibilities:

1、To supervise the implementation of laws, regulations and rules of surveying and mapping; Drafting local regulations and rules; formulate development guideline, policies and long-term plans for the surveying and mapping within Shaanxi province.

2. To draw up manage local basic surveying and mapping and other key surveying and mapping projects; to carry out Shaanxi basic surveying and mapping, Cadastral mapping and other significant projects; supervise the qualification of Real Estate Mapping. With relevant departments of the people's government of Shaanxi province, to conduct the regional boundaries mapping within Shaanxi province.

3. To administrate surveying and mapping standardization in Shaanxi province; with certain extent of authority, to take charge of measure standards in surveying and mapping field.

4. To take charge of submission, storage and supervision of surveying and mapping results; offering information services from those results. To maintain survey marks in Shaanxi.

5. To take charge of management of maps, to supervise and manage maps market, to manage map compilation, to examine maps to be published. To be responsible for map publishing in Shaanxi province, cooperating with relevant departments of the people's government of Shaanxi province.

6. To take charge of vetting qualifications for surveying and mapping and registration of assignment in surveying and mapping field. To manage surveying and mapping qualifications, to supervise quality control of surveying and mapping results

7. To draw up the technical policies of surveying and mapping; to tackle key problems in surveying and mapping field; to promote the popularization of surveying and mapping technology and the commercialization of its research findings. To be in charge of reviewing qualifications for certain professional skills and examining technical grade in surveying and mapping field. To conduct training for professionals.

8. To manage and supervise the use of the government funds.

9. To take charge of surveying and mapping technical innovation, external cooperation in province level. To examine and approve cases which are related to providing surveying and mapping results outside the range of Shaanxi.

10. To undertake other tasks designated by the the people's government of Shaanxi province.


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